Event Photography And Other Services

I specialise in event photography and love to capture the feel and ambience at events. With many years of commercial experience under my belt, I’m also a whizz at commercial shots and fine detailed work like product photography. From professional and engaging headshots to individual product photos for an eCommerce website, my range of services covers all your business photography needs.


From headshots to brand shoots and beyond. Let me use my camera to capture the buzz around you or your business.


Bring finer details to life and cast a spotlight on what you sell with clean professional studio shots of your products.


Preserving the moment and telling stories; event photography is a powerful way to show everyone how your event went.


The words commercial photography can sound quite dull, right? Wrong. Most people are visual so the photographs your business uses in your marketing and on your website say more than a thousand words ever could.

Using bespoke photographs to promote what you do shouldn’t be undervalued, say no to stock photos, and let me capture the essence of what your business is really about.

From start-ups and entrepreneurs to large corporations, a normal day for me involves spending time at your business, or with you, catching the moments that stand out and best represent your brand, and products or service.

I love to take headshots too – not the stuffy old-fashioned type, but images that speak to your target audience and can be used to engage with clients across multiple channels. No more selfies – say yes to professional, clear team photographs.

In addition to onsite commercial photography, I’m a dab hand at capturing interiors, ensuring spaces feel inviting and the resulting images make people want to step inside.

Commercial photography Lancashire
Liz Henson commercial photography Lancashire
Liz Henson product photography Lancashire
Product photography Lancashire


Images sell products. That’s a fact. If you aren’t showcasing your products in the best possible light, they aren’t going to appeal to customers. Professional and creative product photography brings your stock to life, which ultimately leads to more sales.

From fine details needed for products like jewellery to accurate colour representations for textiles, photographing products can sometimes be as simple as showing the product, as it is, on a plain clipped white background. This can help aid customers when they’re making important decisions.

More persuasive product photography means showcasing your products in still life, either in my studio or out on site. Demonstrating how your products can be used or how they might look in customers’ homes, for example, can help persuade more people to buy what you’re selling.  

With years of experience in the retail sector, I’ve photographed products for numerous household names including clothing, fashion items, and homewares.


Events are often full of emotion – even ones in the corporate world! From award winner reactions to fun, unplanned surprises, there are a million little moments that happen at events such as award ceremonies, charity dinners, product launches, or networking events.

Anyone can take pictures at an event but capturing these moments and weaving them all together to tell the event story how it unfolded is a unique skill set.

Hiring me to photograph your event is an easy way to ensure every moment is caught on camera, preserved for the attendees, and to help promote future events. To ensure everything is captured and because I can’t be everywhere at once, I usually bring along a fellow photographer to assist at larger events.

I cover all types of events and can also incorporate other elements of my service at the same time, such as professional headshots or team photos in front of branded backgrounds.

Events covered include charity events, award ceremonies, dinners and receptions, corporate events, PR events, and product or business launch parties. I’m open to any event though and love a new challenge.

Liz Henson event photographer Lancashire
Event photography Lancashire



Are you ready to let Liz capture your best side, tell your story, or show the world what your business does?



Hi, I’m Liz and can’t wait to produce images that show who you are, what your brand represents and what you’re selling.