Liz Henson,
Business Photographer Lancashire

Liz Henson by Liz Hall

Welcome to my website, home to Liz Henson, business photographer Lancashire and award-winning event photographer.

With over 16 years’ experience bringing businesses and events to life, I love to document and record in a natural way that feels engaging and has the potential to give your business a return on your investment after you hire me. After working for large household brands and high street retailers I gained a lot of transferable skills that now help me advise smaller businesses and let you in on some trade secrets on how to make your photographs work harder for you.

From commercial business photography to products shots, events, and headshots, I love every aspect of working with businesses to help them boost their visibility, engage with their customers, and ultimately, increase sales. I may be an artsy type, but I’m not daft – increasing your bottom line is vital and business photography can help you achieve that goal.

I was chosen as the SME News Most Trusted Event Photographer, 2020 Lancashire, and am a proud Rossendale Business Awards 2019 winner and came ‘highly commended’ in 2020, I’m also a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and am well known for my ninja-like skills, sneaking around taking photographs at local business events!

my story

Hey, I’m Liz. Your friendly Lancashire lass business photographer.

Growing up, studying, and working in and around Lancashire puts me in a unique position to work with businesses across the area.

Growing up I never had a camera out of my hand – there are hardly any pictures of me because I was always the one behind the camera. It’s only recently I decided to do my own headshots as I thought it was time to show customers who I am.

Since I was small, I’ve always been interested in adverts rather than TV shows – I find adverts fascinating and always recognised how powerful visuals were when it came to influencing buyer decisions.

It’s a cliché but images, whether photographs, video or artwork speak so much louder than words.

So, admittedly quirky interest in adverts as a child, blended with my love of all things creative made me decide to be a photographer.

More specifically, I wanted to be the type of photographer who could help businesses understand what it was they were selling, whether that be by bringing products to life or capturing the buzz around a brand.

I went off to college to study art, and then on to do a degree in photography and that’s been my life ever since!

Liz Henson photographer on Wall Street
Liz Henson photographer at Christmas
Liz Henson photographer Lancashire

I love helping businesses realise how unique their brand is and bringing them to life visually – although I’ve gained experience working for large household names and retailers, I’m super passionate about helping start-ups and entrepreneurs, those type of shoots always end up being really fun.

Local businesses, charities, freelancers doing their thing, Lancashire events, I love them photographing them all and hope to take your picture one day too!



From headshots to events, product, and lifestyle photography, or spending time on-site capturing the essence of your business.



Are you ready to let Liz capture your best side, tell your story, or show the world what your business does?